Quality control Guideline

Sampling Plans

  • Draw sample according to Acceptable Quanlity Level (AQL), General inspection Levels II
  • —Sample should be complete packaging

  • —100% inspection for sample size 32 pcs

  • —Minimum sample size 32 pcs

Inspection Procedure

  • —Check the product quantity ready for inspection
  • —Draw samples according to AQL

  • —Proceed carton drop test

  • —Proceed transportation simulation test if necessary

  • —Check the shipping mark, carton dimensions, weight and barcode

  • —Open carton to check the product outlook and packaging

  • —Open packaging to check the product function and details

  • —Inspection finish and complete the inspection report

AQL and Defect Classification

Defect Classification - Transportation/carton

Barcode label checking

Defect Classification - Product Packaging

Defect Classification - Product appearance and other

Temperature Test

Abuse Test


Durability Test

Transportation Test

Testing Requisition Form