Project Process and Manufacturing Flow


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Concept Study

  • —Bullet Points layout and study.
  • —Develop structures required.
  • —Develop product specs and test requirements.

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Cosmetic & Mechanical Design

  • —Computer-aided Cosmetic design

  • Preliminary feasibility study

  • —Mechanical Drawings(Pro-E)

  • Customer Approval




Prototype Fabrication

  • —Machine all parts according to drawings
  • Follow-up machining and Handwork
  • —Add Electronic parts
  • Prototype Decorations
  • —Customer approval of Prototype
  • Follow-up machining and Handwork
  • —Add Electronic parts
  • —Prototype Decorations

  • Customer approval of Prototype




Finalize Design

—Three Elements of significance--

  • —Technically feasible
  • —Ease of manufacture
  • —Best Cost/Value


MOLD Design

  • Mould Construction Design
  • —Mold CAD Drawings

  • Selection of materials for the mold (e.g. Steel selection:718H, S136H,P20...).



Mold Fabrication

  • Mold Base machining
  • Mold Cavities machining
  • —Cavities polishing and surface treatment


Electronic Design

  • Draft of circuit
  • Components selection


Schematic Design and PCB Layout

  • Circuit Test and adjustment
  • PCB Layout by appropriate software




Project Programming

  • Function analysis
  • IC selection
  • Program writing and testing.


Mold Test Shots

  • —After Molds completed, try test shots on the machine

  • Record machine parameters in running test shots for future ref



Engineering (EP) samples built from test shots

  • —Check for dimensional accuracy

  • Sample product performance


Production Pilot

  • —To enhance design of production toolings

      2. Efficiency Assessment.

      3. Production Quality assessment.



Injection Molding




Blow Molding




















Spray Painting









Hand Painting






Tampo Print






Electronic Components insertion











IC Bonding





PCB assembly (PCBA)




Final Assembly



In-process QC and final product QC

  • Quality check will be performed on all functions